Right of withdrawal

Withdrawal period

Customers have a right to cancel their order (only for stock units) for 14 days after receiving their products without a reason. Withdrawal period ends 14 days after product has been received. When cancelling an order during withdrawal period you should inform us; (DAKAUPPA.fi, Nietostie 9 , 01390 VANTAA, Phone: +358 (9) 8240 4700, E-mail info@vaihtolaite.fi) about your decision to cancel with a simple way (e.g. a letter by postal service, email or canceling form.) You can use the attached canceling form but you are not required to do so. It is enough that you inform us during your withdrawal period that you wish to use your right to withdrawal.

After canceling your order

If you cancel your order during withdrawal period we will reimburse you for all paid deposits and shipping fees you have paid (This does not include risen shipping fees if customer has chosen more expensive form of product shipment then we provide.) without a delay and at the latest after 14 days of receiving withdraw notice. Customer will be reimbursed with same payment method as they have used in their prior withdrawn order unless agreed on other form of payment method, in a way that causes no additional fees to customer. We hold the right to withhold reimbursement until products have been returned or customer has proven that products have been shipped to us. Customers must send back products within 14 days of making their withdrawal notice. Products must be returned or shipped back to us before 14 day period ends. We account for return expenses for national sales (see. instructions for returns) Customer is liable for product devaluation occurring from something else than product character, features and functionality testing.

Other things to pay attention to

Used and installed products have no right of return. Non-stock products or specifically tailored products have no right of return. Returned products must be uninstalled, in sellable condition and unused. Withdrawal right withholds you the right return a product without informing a purpose why. By using your withdrawal rights you are not entitled to any other form of compensation. Product pictures can be directional and not perfectly match the product being sold.

Core deposit

When buying exchange products customers might be required to pay a component dependant advance payment (pawn), In exchange for exchange body. pawn sum will be set depending on manufacturer and part type in figures it will be between 75 and 500 euros. Exchange products core must be sent back within 14 days of returning shipment. Pawn will be withheld if body is teared down, damaged, burned, oxidized, rust damaged, unrepairable or has been damaged during shipment.

Return instructions

Get to know your right of withdrawal before canceling your order (see. withdrawal period)

Package return items carefully in to the packages they were delivered in, at least pack them in weather proof materials for return. Do not remove protective materials or cover plugs that might be attached to components. Provide cancelation form filled within cancelled product packaging or at least the following information:

- Orderers name
- Address
- Contact information
- What products are you returning
- Order number
- Account number in IBAN-form
- If reclamation, you must provide a reason why

Send returns back to us with our free customer return shipment. Free returns only apply for national sale in Finland. Shipments through POSTI automatically include a parcel dispatch note - use this dispatch note when making returns. When using MATKAHUOLTO you must use our return ID: 9519670.

When you have sent back your order as a customer return, we will cover return shipping expenses. If you choose to pick other form of return we will not cover those expenses.

Please empty products that might contain fluids (fuel) before packing and use protective materials to make sure there are no leaks during return.

Use protective plugs provided with new product to plugs same holes on old product and close products neatly in e.g. sealable plastic bag.

Package return items carefully in to the packages they were delivered in, at least pack them in weather proof materials for return. Inside of the package should not have any empty space and package should withhold 4-5 times its own weight.

If needed use foam-, styrox- or bubble wrap as a protective packaging method.

We withhold the right to collect expenses from a customer if return is made groundlessly or against our terms.