Return instruction

For a canceled order

Please review your right of cancellation before canceling your order, see right of withdrawal.

Repack the returned products in the packaging provided or in at least transport-resistant packaging.

Do not remove the protective material, or the protective plugs on the components.

Fill in the cancellation notice here or provide the cancellation with a completed cancellation form or the following information: subscriber's name, address and contact information, products to be returned, order number, account number in IBAN format and, in the case of a complaint, the reason for return.

Send products primarily with free customer returns. Shipments made by mail will automatically include a customer return contact card - please use this contact card when making a return. A customer return made by Matkahuolto must state our return code: 9519670. Once you have sent the order back as a customer return, the delivery costs will be shown to us. Delivery charges for products returned in a manner other than instructed are at your own risk.

Replacement product with core deposit

Replacement products are subject to a component-specific advance payment (core deposit), against a old used part (core). For replacement products, the old core must be returned no later than 14 days after receiving of the delivery. The deposit will be charged if the core is disassembled, damaged, burned, acidified, rust damaged or damaged during transport.

  1. ) Remove any liquids (fuel) inside the products before packing and secure with a protective material for leaks during transport.
  2. ) Transfer the protective plugs of the new product to the old product or use corresponding protective plugs, and seal the products carefully, eg in a plastic bag.
  3. ) Pack the products in the packages provided in them or at least in transport-resistant packaging. There should be no empty space in the package and the shipment should take 4-5 times its own weight.
  4. ) If necessary, use foam, styrofoam or bubble wrap as a soft inner packaging.

We reserve the right to charge the customer if the refund has been made unduly, in breach of the terms or if it has caused damage.