Core deposit return

DA KAUPPA sells new, refurbished and replacement products. A replacement product may be a new product or refurbished, but used refurbished products are classified as replacement products, as described in the product information. The replacement product is identified by the name used and is indicated as "EXCHANGE PRODUCT".

By purchasing a replacement product, the buyer engages to return the old used product (i.e., the replacement body/assembly) exchange for core deposit amount. The core deposit (i.e. prepayment) is added to the replacement product. The amount of the fee for the required products, but it varies from about 35 euros to 500 euros. The prepayment for the replacement product is paid in connection with the order and the price per unit is added. The core deposit will be refunded once the replacement bodies have been returned to our office. Please note that if the used product (i.e. core) has been disassembled, damaged, burned, acidified, rust damaged or damaged during transport will not be reimbursed.

Cores should be packed as desired, the produced packaging will be delivered and the materials are recommended for use in return. An advance will be charged if the replacement body is disassembled, damaged, burned, acidified, rust damaged or damaged during transport.

The delivery fee for replacement products includes the return fee for replacement frames. The frame must be returned within 14 days of receipt.